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Best way to start managing your business listing is by claiming it so you can update.

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Promote your business to target customers who need your services or products.

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The Idea Behind the MurshidPak Directory


Well i worked for USA client for more than 3 years on Yelp.com. Many people know about Yelp, it’s Modern Directory System where you can find business near you. Even though the interesting thing about Yelp that, they have Review System from 1 to 5 Star. For example i find a business on yelp and i like their services, i will rate them 5 star.  With the help of Review System, you always find the Best around you. So i created my own Yellow Pages Pakistan Directory keep in mind the yelp System. The main goal is to achieve what European peoples achieving now!

Find the Best & Kick the Bad Ones

Yellow Pages Pakistan

Well there are many sites that provide Directory Listing Services, but why we are Different?

  1. We bring the Review System that will help you to find the best business people already try and they have trust on them.
  2. We never ask for Reciprocal Links to approve your listings. Reciprocal Links are actually exchanging links. Many directories approve your listings once you add their link in your site.
  3. We approve your Listings within 24 to 48 Hours.
  4. You can Add more than one listings with Single Account on MurshidPak.
  5. We also help you to provide Tips on how you can Increase your Websites or Business Rankings.

You Can easily create your account with One Click and Add your Business on MurshidPak.

You can also Review on other Business Listings that you try. We encourage you to share your thoughts about the Business you have tried to help other Peoples.

  • Let us know if you have any questions or suggestions to improve the site.

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